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Beautiversal Entertainment. TV

Beautiversal Entertainment (BE.TV) accepts submissions of completed, feature-length, English language films to be considered for domestic and/or international distribution.

Submitted projects must be original material created for theatrical, direct-to-DVD, or pay/cable/free television markets and should have a running time greater than 74 minutes. BE.TV does not review adult products.

Proposals may be submitted in a range of genres/themes, including but not limited to: Videos of Music Dance reels/shorts In order to further amplify the voices of emerging and various content creators across public media.

Submission Process

Should you be interested in submitting a project to BE.TV, please send  standard  material of your work to:

Film-Video submission release form here

Beautiversal Entertainment. TV

Attn: Film Acquisitions

353 West 48 Street 

4th-floor #309

10036 New York NY, 

Please Include:

  • Title and a brief synopsis of the project;

  • cast list, including director and all producers (with brief bio's if available);

  • your contact information;

  • your connection with the project;

  • list of any other notable attachments to the project;

  • list of available territories;

  • list of any awards won; and

  • Any notable publicity for your project.

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